A new crime thriller feature film by Joaquim Barreto

A man convinces himself that
the only way to have the love of
his life and clear his past is by killing his criminal boss.


MICHAEL HOLSTEN, a fugitive from the US authorities, makes a deal with the NCA not to be extradited as long as he helps them bring down a criminal lord, JAMES ROBERTS, who is his former high school friend. Michael befriends James and his gang with the aid of James's current girlfriend and Michael’s high school love, JULIE BOLTON.

Concept / Themes

A Violent Edge is a tense and thought-provoking exploration of the line between right and wrong, good and evil -- with some twists in the tale.


Michael is going through an existential crisis. He trying to bring down a crime lord while at the same time trying to win the love of his life. He has noble intentions, but a reckless disregard of the rules of society. Our antihero strives for justice, but eventually realises that he, too, is guilty. The end does not justify the means, and the world does not submit to his black and white perspective.


Challenging but never gratuitous, this film portrays several types of violence -- physical, emotional; righteous, wanton; against others, against self -- and asks, what is acceptable and what is not? Where is the line drawn?


The themes of love, friendship and trust are explored in this film. Michael sees himself as the saviour of Julie from the evil James. Michael manipulates the trust he is given in order to pursue his vision of right and wrong. Both James and Michael through out the film constantly test their trust to each other.


Michael has a unique view of justice which is different from the law specially when tendency to violence is added to it. Hence the question, who brings justice to Michael's actions?

Look and Feel

Set in the grimy streets and seedy interiors of north London, where there’s always something sinister lurking around the corner (think Eastern Promises). A film noir feel, using night-time city shots with damp streets, rain on blinking neon lights, threatening dark Gothic alleyways, sleazy nightclubs and decaying apartments.

Cast and Crew

Joaquim Barreto (Writer/Director) : Joaquim has produced and directed many short-films, corporate videos and documentaries and strongly believes that he can delivery his first feature film project with strong box office potential.


investment Opportunities

A Violent Edge Ltd the main production company and it is currently applying for SEIS and EIS compliance.


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